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If Heaven's For Clean People, It's Vacant
Life is a gateway drug.
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13th-Feb-2012 10:01 am - 365 days later

Today I will go to the Sea.
 will watch the waves and remember how far they have traveled, what they have seen, the lives the water has sustained, the people who have had joy swimming and splashing in it.
Today I will go to the Sea, and watch the ebb and flow and I'll know that you are there and listen to the things you've done in the last year. Then you'll wave good-bye and I'll still miss you but I know you are the Sea.

Today I will go to the Sea for you Dad.

22nd-Oct-2011 05:25 pm - Boris Face McGee
Boris has been a very happy Beagle he loves to play, he runs around the house with a ball and throws it in the air then chases it. He is an extremely lovely and loving boy and everyone who meets him tells us how sweet he is. 

13th-Feb-2011 11:45 pm - the end; the bend
 so first, this is a copy and paste email I sent my work:

Hello guys,

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you so much for all your support and kind words.

As you may have known I have been away Tuesday and Wednesday from work. My dad has taken a turn for the worst and on Tuesday informed us all that he is ready to go. He is not in any pain the Saannich Peninsula hospital has been great to him and he's very comfortable. He has said what he needs to say and has done what he needs to and is emotionally ready to depart for whatever comes next. My dad has a wonderful sense of humour though this all, and if everyone ever wonders where I get mine it's definitely from him. For instance, when he had the conversation with his wife about being ready and it was agreed upon that He was ready, she was ready and the kids were ready he remarked " Well we're all ready, and it's all agreed upon.... now who do I call?" It has given my family great strength to see him so confident in this decision, but it's also given us great sadness as his body is very strong. His Doctor has explained that besides the Cancer my dad is a very healthy 61 year old! Usually when people get cancer and are older the cancer will put a strain on their body and their kidneys will fail etc. This will not be the case with my dad and we will all (my dad included! Just have to be patient while this process happens) On Wednesday the Doctor said a week.

Thank you to everyone for the help and coverage on Tuesday, we really thought my dad would pass on these days but he's still here with us today. I am actually now on "vacation" Thursday and Friday as i'm supposed to be at Mount Washington with Jonny's parents who arrived yesterday. We laugh about the poor timing, and will hopefully be able to go on a ski trip next year.

If my dad does pass this weekend, which is looking likely, I would be taking my 3 Bereavement leave day's Mon/Tues/Wed and I just wanted to keep you guys all in the loop for what to expect in the coming week.

Thank you all for your support during this time.

now for the final. My dad passed away last night at 2:00am. I felt very comfortable with the time I spent with him, the words I chose, and the time we had.

I am however, very sad that this has passed. As anyone that has had someone close to them pass knows, this all feels very surreal. It doesn't feel as if this is 'happening to me'. I can't articulate my feelings, I am OK I had my time, I had what I needed, but it's still hard. It feels like i've been watching a movie about all of this....

even though I haven't been able to respond individually thank you for your kind thoughts, even if you aren't very close to me or we hardly speak at all your words meant to world to me.

once again, the words of my dad's wife speak volumes over mine http://rootinforron.blogspot.com/

love kirsten xxxx
7th-Sep-2010 07:26 pm - Ipad
 So I won an Ipad at work and I CAN NOT for the life of me decide wether to keep it or not.
a) I have a laptop
b) have an Iphone.

really it's a frivolous addition to have all 3 things....

Reasons I'd want to keep it is it's 
A) awesome
b) great to have for photography/design jobs in place of laptop

Would you keep it, or sell it?
It's worth $550, and if I sell it plan on spending it on other frivolous things such as a PS3
22nd-Jan-2010 01:44 pm - A Day in the Life...
So life is pretty sweet right now, I'm loving the whole late start work thing as I've always been one for sleeping in. I did a free pour course last week so I can now successfully pour alcohol properly. I've done my Collins, Long Islands, and Rum tests (which means I've memorized exactly the measurements and how to make these drinks) so I can start bar tending now, which is exciting.

The world of bartending is such a weird place. I almost liken it to the world of being a rock star, as in everyone loves you. I am pouring you your alcohol, so I am amazing, I am providing you with the courage/stupidity/daring to do whatever/whoever/pass out, and so i'm great. I'm serious, if you are pouring people their alcohol suddenly you are the most attractive, most unattainable thing. I'm not just talking about me here, I've seen some pretty average looking bartenders, but while they're on the bar, girls love them. I don't get it!!

I went and took photos of my new living space yesterday.... enjoy.

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11th-Jan-2010 05:05 pm - Quickly Rambled thoughts
Way too excited. I've been wanting to buy a Wii forever with the Xmas money my Mom gave me and been looking around for the best deal. I went to like 5 video game stores today and randomly got the best deal (and service) in an HMV?! The guy let me swap the shitty free games you're supposed to get for Mario Kart (which should be £40) and another game of my choice £19 or less. Also they had the Beatles Rock Band which has been sold out EVERYWHERE and I figured with the money I saved I should probably buy it. OH MAN was I stoked and didn't think that 1. I have no car 2. It's a long walk to the bus stop/home.

The HMV guy was so nice and practically insisted he walk me to the bus stop as the area I was in was a 'hard neighborhood'. I said it was ok and haled everything to the bus stop and braved the horribly icy roads home.


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now, to set up the wii!!!!
6th-Jan-2010 12:10 am - Livejoural! what!
Best re-discovery ever. After 4 months + of not checking I've rediscovered Livejournal (and there was much rejoicing)

I have the internet again in my new flat which is great, this means more posts updates etc.

this is Jonny and I enjoying our new flat

16th-Jun-2009 02:54 pm - New Zealand
It is cold. Oh so cold.
South Easterly winds blow directly from Antarctica to New Zealand and bring a cold that, although it's only 0 degrees out, will chill you to the bone.

On the bright side of this it means it's ski season. The mountains are much different in New Zealand, 500 meters of slope means a 5 minute gondola ride to the top with a 5-10 minute ski down. There are no trees to separate the runs, just rolling hills of white.

On the other side; my house is freezing. It seems New Zealand doesn't have/believe/want central heating. So I am meant to rely on the miniscule heat that pumps out of my poorly constructed fire each night. I am so cold.

I find it weird that while it was summer here and winter back home I didn't mind it so much, I could look at peoples status updates and laugh to myself about how nice it was here. Now I read about beer on patios, summer on the lake, the Seahawk going on its maiden 2009 voyage, and I begin to feel the tinge of jealousy. Summer walks, and enjoying beer in the summer of Victoria is something I will always enjoy.

I miss going to shows in the summer.

Other then that everything is going great here but I am becoming more and more exhilarated as I count down the time till my travels recommence. As of now I have 11 weeks left in New Zealand.

Then it's 5 weeks in Australia.
10 weeks in China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Malaysia, and Singapore.
Then it's an indefinite amount of time in England.

I'd like to be home to see some of the Olympics, but at this point I just don't see that happening.
28th-Jan-2009 06:03 pm - Making you stuff...
The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me, for you!

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

- What I create will be just for you.
- It'll be done this year. No guarantees when, it will be a total surprise!
- You have no clue what it's going to be. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange. Uh, but if you're my friend, you should kind of know this already.

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to repost, and repost right away.
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